Bodhi and a smoke/vape sensor protect your property from thoughtless guests

No matter how clearly you post the rules, guest may smoke or vape in your guestroom or rental unit. Now there’s a better way: Bodhi and a smoke/vape sensor.

Smoking and vaping are a nightmare for any hotel or rental property.

No matter how clearly you post the rules, you end up deep cleaning rooms or residences when guests ignore them. You may even be forced to take a unit off the market waiting for it to be cleaned.

Guests, in turn, resent after-the-fact cleaning charges and may create disruptions for staff or other guests.

Now there’s a better way: Bodhi tied to a smoke and vape sensor will send you an alert as soon as a guest lights up – and in many cases you’ll be able to intervene before any significant damage is done.

  • Through Bodhi, the sensor sends real-time text and/or email alerts when it detects tobacco smoke or vape
  • It also collects real-time air quality data and continuously sends it to Bodhi
  • It has ultra-high sensitivity to airborne particulates, BVOC, CO2, temperature, humidity, and pressure
  • Bodhi, using the sensor data, can trigger air purifiers, fans or HVAC systems to mitigate the problems it detects


Our ability to connect third-party sensors through the Bodhi Bridge or Thermostat Bridge makes Bodhi an extremely comprehensive and flexible technology management platform.

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