Bodhi Integrated into Samsung’s LYNK™ Cloud

Bodhi is now a certified partner for Lync Cloud, Samsung’s comprehensive entertainment solution for hotels and resorts. Learn how you can offer a premium guest experience using your existing TVs!

Bodhi is now integrated into LYNK™ Cloud, Samsung’s comprehensive entertainment solution for hotels and resorts.

It’s a premium entertainment experience. Your guests will have smartphone control of their TV displays, including streaming services and property information and promotions via the Bodhi Guest App or Resident App.

That’s especially valuable today as more and more people reach first for their smartphones for entertainment, information, and communications.

Bodhi extends the power of LYNK Cloud to:

  • Provide control of LYNK Cloud-connected TVs and entertainment apps from guest devices and the Bodhi Guest App
  • Provide custom triggers to turn the TV turn on and off based on the presence of guests in the room, on pre-determined scenes, and on automated schedules
  • Trigger the display to power on and switch to your messaging for a grand welcome scene
  • Trigger the display to power off when the room is unoccupied and an away scene is activated


In addition, LYNK Cloud provides:

  • Comprehensive management of your TV displays
  • A simplified, browser-based application to create interactive content to promote dining orders, facility bookings, upcoming events and digital concierge
  • Data collection and analysis to help you uncover business insights from the use of various channels and apps by your guests


Best of all, you can begin using Bodhi and LYNK Cloud without a major capital investment.

  • Both Bodhi and LYNK Cloud are offered via an SaaS model, with low monthly fees and minimal deployment costs
  • LYNK Cloud is compatible not only with Samsung hospitality TVs but, through an inexpensive set top box, virtually any TV you may already own


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