The Crucial Role Technology Plays in Guest Satisfaction

Watch the video of our panel discussion from the Inspire Luxury Hotel Conference

Guest satisfaction and loyalty are the keys to profitability in the hospitality industry, so we asked industry experts how managers and developers can best use the latest technology to build both.

Watch this short, 30-minute panel discussion to gain the insights into the technology you need for your property.

Highlights of the discussion    

  • Home technology is setting the standard that hotels must meet.
  • Instead of installing expensive hardware that will soon be obsolete, properties should use and extend the guest’s personal devices for entertainment, communications, room control, and access to services.
  • There’s no time for a learning curve in a typical stay: guest technology must be extremely simple to use.
  • At the same time, back-of-house systems must be comprehensive, easy-to-use and “system agnostic” – able to work with the many technology platforms needed on the property.
  • Back-of-house systems must also deliver the data team members need to make good decisions that can improve the guest experience.
  • Team members are people, too: properties need systems they can get excited about using.
  • Realize that technology platforms that are based in the cloud, allow pre-commissioning, and simplify inevitable changes will be extremely helpful to opening new properties on time and upgrading existing properties.
  • Finally, don’t get locked into the technology of today. Management platforms must be flexible, upgradeable, and simple to deploy.


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