Protect your property from plumbing leaks with Bodhi and a logic-controlled water valve

Bodhi can prevent or minimize damage from leaks and floods by connecting to an intelligent water shutoff solution

Water and related mold damage is the leading cause of property loss claims in commercial and residential real estate, with the loss from a water-related claim, on average, nearly three times as high as a loss that does not involve water damage.

Bodhi can prevent or minimize such losses by connecting to various intelligent water shutoff solutions.

When you install one of these systems, which includes a shutoff valve on the intake pipe for a home, condo, villa, or hotel room, it can automatically stop a major leak to minimize potential damage—or, through Bodhi, monitor the water flow constantly to catch and repair even very minor leaks or drips before they cause any damage.

For example, Bodhi can:

  • Send an alert to you and your maintenance staff if the home or room is unoccupied and a small flow or drip is detected. In this way, problems can be corrected quickly and mold growth prevented.
  • Shut off the water supply if a unit is unrented and a flow is detected (Bodhi will also issue an alert via text or email).
  • Shut off the water and send an alert if water has been flowing for some number of minutes (that you specify), thus minimizing damage from a leaking pipe or a faucet that’s been left on accidentally.
  • In colder climates, shut off the water if outdoor temperatures are below freezing, the unit is unoccupied and any flow is detected (guards against frozen pipe damage).
  • Bodhi always opens a trouble ticket when an alert is triggered, making it easy for you to keep track of any issue and make sure it is resolved.
  • You can also override automatic settings and shut off the water at any time through Bodhi.
  • Installation of the system may qualify your property for an insurance premium discount.


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