Bodhi: The gold standard for unified technology management in hospitality

Join Bodhi at HITEC 2024 in Charlotte, NC, June 24-27! Come experience our exciting new products and services and see why Bodhi has become the gold standard for unified hospitality technology management.

Join us at HITEC 2024, Booth #226, to see and try Bodhi for yourself!

Bodhi sets the standard for technology management across your property, dramatically improving guest satisfaction, operational efficiency, and energy savings.

For your guests:

  • The Bodhi Guest App delivers phone-based keyless entry, one-click access to services, chat-based communication with staff, and quick, easy room controls
  • Welcome scenes surprise and delight your guests as they arrive
  • A better way to implement required energy setbacks, maximizing comfort and positive first impressions


For your staff:

  • Quick, easy management and control of the spaces each team member manages
  • Phone-based alerts for timely problem resolution and guest assistance
  • Automatically generated trouble tickets ensure any issues are promptly addressed


For the property:

  • Energy savings of at least 35- 45% in guestrooms plus additional savings across the entire property
  • Prevention or mitigation of costly leak, flood, and mold damage, the most expensive sources of insurance claims for most properties
  • Predictive maintenance to keep HVAC, lighting, and other key systems working properly, minimizing downtime and service costs
  • Simplified management overviews, scheduling, and control of the entire property via Bodhi Cloud


Visit us at HITEC 2024 in Charlotte or contact us to learn more!