Bodhi Shines at ISE 2024: Leading the Way in IoT Innovation

Strong partnerships are crucial to Bodhi’s ability to integrate the technology on your property. We were proud to show our building intelligence platform in the booths of three industry leaders at ISE 2024: Black Nova, Rako Lighting, and Crestron.

ISE 2024 was a monumental success for Bodhi, as we engaged with global partners and showcased our cutting-edge platform to industry leaders.

We demonstrated our unique ability to seamlessly integrate the many different technologies and operating software of a property into our central purpose-built IoT platform.

Our platform was highlighted at ISE 2024 by Black Nova, Rako, and Crestron, underscoring Bodhi’s versatility and adaptability across various ecosystems. Our technology-agnostic approach is setting a new standard in the industry and is a major contributor to what makes Bodhi a truly one-of-a-kind solution.

As we continue to innovate and collaborate, Bodhi remains at the forefront of industry transformation. We hope you had a chance to visit us at the show. If not, follow our socials to see where we will be showcasing Bodhi next.

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