How Bodhi Enhances Restaurants, Bars, Fitness Rooms, Meeting Rooms & Common Areas

The power and simplicity of Bodhi makes it a leader in the management of guestroom, condo and office technology—yet its power extends to your entire property.

Bodhi is a recognized leader in the management of guestroom, condo, and office technology—yet its power extends to your entire property.

It’s Bodhi’s simplicity that sets it apart, making technology set-up, scheduling and control so easy that anyone can start using it right away.

In restaurants and lounges

  • Bodhi helps you create the perfect ambiance by centrally scheduling lights, temperature, music, televisions, digital signage and shading systems
  • Yet Bodhi allows restaurant and bar managers to easily override those settings as conditions change or when scheduling special events


In lobbies and common areas

  • Bodhi schedules lighting, shading, digital signage, and temperature by time and day of the week, or automatically adjusts them as sunrise and sunset vary with the seasons


In the fitness area

  • Bodhi will save energy by setting back climate systems, and turning off lights, TVs and background music when the room is empty
  • Yet Bodhi will immediately restore all systems when guests walk in


In the meeting center

  • Use Bodhi to schedule lighting, shading and temperature settings in advance of each meeting
  • Yet allow clients and staff to adjust them as needed via wall stations or your AV system controls


Throughout the property

  • Calendar-based scheduler automates settings changes by time of day, day of week, and season
  • Scheduler allows managers to set up in advance for special events
  • The simplicity of the controls combined with advanced set-up frees management and staff during special events and rush periods
  • Predictive maintenance minimizes downtime, improves service
  • The result is more focus on clients and guests and a better experience for everyone


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