All about the guest

Bodhi is all about the guest

In a hotel or resort, Bodhi is all about the guest experience, making it easier for guests to enjoy your property, use your technology, and communicate with you and your staff, strengthening your relationships across the board.


From the guest side, Bodhi and the Bodhi Guest App provide:

  • Keyless room entry—streamlined check-in and no hassles with lost key cards
  • Automated welcome scenes—including welcoming lighting, music and video
  • Smartphone and Alexa room control—easier to use lighting, climate and entertainment systems
  • One-click access to the valet, housekeeping, reservations, and other services
  • Chat bubble for hassle-free communications with the front desk, concierge and other staff


From the management side, Bodhi Building Management provides:

  • Automated away settings—providing significant energy savings from climate, lighting and other setbacks
  • Predictive maintenance to detect small faults in HVAC, lighting and other key systems, and alert maintenance to correct them before they cause a failure
  • Protection against losses from floods, leaks and mold
  • Integration with major building and technology control systems to simplify and automate technology setup and use, saving staff and management time


It’s a win-win for guests and the property, but especially for your guests. You can offer them better technology, better amenities and better service for a lower cost.

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